Postdoc associate position available

We are looking for 1 highly skillful postdoc associate with demonstrated expertise on single crystal growth. The postdoc is expected to take lead on our brand-new Tetra Arc Crystal Growth Furnace. We then will fine tune the defects type and concentration, and study the influence of defects on materials dynamics and excitation properties using spectroscopic methods. For detailed job description, please see MIT Career website (Job ID 15002). If you are interested, please feel free to write to Mingda ( directly. Please don't hesitate to share your career goals and let's see what we could do best to support you toward your career goal.

PhD student positions available

We are looking for 1-2 highest motivated PhD students to join our group and solve a few very exciting problems at the intersection of nuclear engineering, materials science and physics. For formal admission, please apply through the MIT graduate admission process. But you are always welcomed to drop me an email and discuss your research interest. Don't forget to visit the NSE's help page for admissions and application instructions!